November 3, 2006

who are we creating software for?

Posted by Sudhindra Rao

who are the users of an apple imac, an ipod, a bluetooth phone, a laptop with a dual core processor? - do all of these have to be designed for your granma?

if you glance over the types of users for these hitech devices - or applications - it is the techno savvy college going/graduated individuals. Not many granmas actually own a computer or would like to own an ipod to listen to music. If your granma is anything like my granma (I bet she is) she would be happy with a radio or a record player or a TV that plays decent programs.

so why should we build everything that is good for my granma. I think I would build each of the above based on what my intelligent user - who is different if slightly so in each case - needs. An Ipod - as it is rightly so - is for the active user who travels to college, to work, is in the gym for 2 hours a day etc.
A laptop with dual core is useless for viewing pictures or checking email - that my granma does.

Point to be noted - Don't think about your granma when u design something